“When I asked Hans Fonk, owner of Objekt International, who he would recommend on the island as great architects for my project, he suggested CDC. When I met Cristabel and Anni in person I immediately understood why. They have the ability to capture the essence of a client’s vision with ease and give it a contemporary yet warm touch. I enjoy their flexibility, their speed, and their great eye for creating buildings that are pieces of modern art.”
Korra Pietersz

“Curacao heeft een droog en warm klimaat. Daarbij komt de passaatwind het hele jaar uit dezelfde richting. CDC heeft voor de situering en het design van de woning gebruik gemaakt van die vaste elementen, waardoor een natuurlijke frisheid in de woning wordt bereikt. De architecten van CDC verdiepen zich eerst in de locatie, de omgeving en de wensen van de klant. Van daaruit wordt een aansprekend ontwerp gemaakt waarbij esthetiek en wooncomfort in balans blijven. Die aanpak spreek mij aan. De architecten van CDC blijven ook in de uitvoeringsfase nauw betrokken bij het project. Vernieuwende architectuur, rekening houdend met de lokale omstandigheden. Het bouwen wordt mede dankzij CDC een leuke ervaring.”
Arend de Winter

“We had been living in our new house for over three years when we decided to commission CDC to make designs for a pool, pool house and sitting area in our garden. During the years ideas about the design had been building up in our minds. CDC was able to accommodate these ideas and at the same time came up with excellent solutions and designs that surpassed what we had in our minds. We are very happy with their work. The design gives a warm final touch to our cool modern home. Working with CDC was very pleasant. They are flexible, easygoing and put a great effort in their work.”
Arriën Lekkerkerker and Maike Bergervoet

“Sometimes you simply need luck …
We – a German family with two kids – visited Curacao for the first time in 2013 and fell in love with this peaceful lovely island. So we decided to buy a home in the Jan Sofat area. The only problem was: Our most favorite object needed not only some maintenance, but a complete restoration with remodeling the landscape, demolition of parts of the building, and it showed it would have a lot of difficult technical problems during the project. This is really a challenge if you are 8000 km away in Europe.
It was clear from the beginning that we would need a high professional and experienced architect for the planning and the realization. We invited tree architects for a small “beauty contest” and decided to mandate CDC – first for the planning and the rendering. The results were very pleasant and so we asked Anni and Cristabel if they could manage the realization with our most favorite construction company (Ferney Rodriguez).
This was really a lucky decision: For a period of two years the team of Anni/Cristabel and Ferney worked perfectly together, we were informed about the proceedings in weekly reports and Anni also cared for the cash management and the building materials.
We have some experience in renovation in Germany but we had never such a relaxed building project like in Curacao. And: They kept the budget.
Thank you!!!
Rosenheim, 2016-12- 19”
Dres. Robert Jofer & Sylvia Klass-Jofer”