As a studio, we are looking to promote the research, analysis and discussion of contemporary architecture. CDC developed a unique creative process in which the combination of combining arts, science and technology produce architectural projects that improve live quality, culture and meaning to the society.

In CDC, we work with different scales and types of projects. Each one of them challenges our creativity, as we deliver each project with a unique and exclusive design. We study the cultural backgrounds, necessities and wishes of our clients and their surroundings. We believe we have an environmental responsibility which we manage by proposing an optimal use of energy by taking into consideration the climatic resources of each environment.

Landscaping anchors a building to the site and connects it with the environment. In CDC, we work with living plants as well as building materials in our designs, taking its future growth and maintenance in consideration as well as the current visual appeal.

Whether you need help rearranging existing pieces, design the inside of a new home, or simply look for amazing furniture and decor, CDC will help you distill your taste and ideas into an interior design that suits the needs of your space.