About us

Since 2009 CDC has been developing projects on the island of Curacao. We started as an architectural workshop looking to promote contemporary architectural design on the island. Nowadays some of our projects are shaping the island’s skyline.

Our vision is to create projects that answer to cultural and individual’s needs.

We believe in teamwork, shared knowledge and co-working; a basis that has led us to have our projects shape our task force: architects, interior and urban designers, landscapers and any other professional needed to achieve excellence, will be part of our working party once the venture begins.

We are a team of professional, energetic individuals with talented designers and experienced managers available to guide our clients through the flawless and timely execution of any design project.


Cristabel Zeeman – Paz

Cristabel Zeeman-Paz

“Architecture is; to see, looking and observe, listen and hear, touch and probe, taste; smell… Architecture is feeling”

Cristabel is born in Maracaibo, Venezuela and studied at the Universidad del Zulia. She graduated in 2005 as Architect. Since 2004 she lives and works in Curaçao where she has been involved in a variety of high profile projects.

For three years Cristabel worked at a local architect firm as Assistance Designer for residential and commercial buildings. She studied digital 3D modeling and architectural visualization. The next two years she worked as a freelancer for various architecture companies providing 3D services.

Since 2009 she started the company Contemporary Design Curacao with the vision to create a studio which allows to discuss, investigate and create contemporary architecture.

Several projects have been designed with this vision. Some of these projects have been built in the last couple of years. Others remained in conceptual phase.Various projects have been presented at international conferences as evidence of how contemporary architecture can intervene in historical city centers.

Recently she finished her studies on heritage education: Part 1 “Development, Architecture and Urban History of Curacao and Caribbean Area” and Part 2 “Introduction preservation and restoration”, giving her a full understanding of the Caribbean culture and history.

Email: cristabel@designcuracao.com


Anni Sofia Corredor Ludovic

“I think all buildings are an answer to a necessity and a feeling, either individual or collective.”

Anni graduated in 2002 as an architect in Venezuela and specialized in contemporary architecture design. She worked four years in the U.S.A. designing high-income residential houses and commercial buildings.

In 2007 Anni came back to Venezuela to work in contemporary architecture buildings design, alongside with landscape, interior, transport and urban designers.

She joined CDC in 2009 to create and promote contemporary architecture design combined with art and engineering design.

Since then Anni had done several workshops, conferences and studies of contemporary architecture and specialized in Urban Parks Landscaping Design in La Pontificia Catholic University of Chile (2014).

She participated in several architectural competitions and collectives to encourage discussions, artistic displays and new ideas for the urban public space.

The last couple of years she dedicated her time to study Curacao´s landscape and construction techniques, working together in the field with diverse construction teams and material suppliers to achieve the most accurate construction of a building design.

Email: annicorredor@designcuracao.com