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As a studio, we are looking to promote the research, analysis and discussion of contemporary architecture. CDC developed a unique creative process in which the combination of combining arts, science and technology produce architectural projects that improve live quality, culture and meaning to the society. In CDC, we work with different scales and types of projects. Each one of them challenges our creativity, as we […]

Construction Management

This is a service we provide during the entire construction phase, from the start until the conclusion of the project. During the project supervision, work drawings and listings for the benefit of the execution are made. We will be controlling and correcting drawings and documents, made by third parties for the execution of the work and take care that the solutions structurally fit into the […]


A construction budget is a financial plan for your building process.It will draw up the cost calculation, made up by the calculated quantity of materials and the prices per unit, including the calculation of the further costs in respect to the execution. The construction budget can be used as a guideline to assist you in the competitive bidding process with the contractors. By understanding the […]

3d Rendering & Drafting

In CDC we understand what it is to have a deadline and need of support with drafting and rendering, more than 15 years on the field give you that knowledge. That’s why we offer our team’s assistance to have your ideas and projects transformed in plans and renderings. CDC team is a group of experienced CAD drafters and 3dMax artists, we focus our expertise in […]

Pietermaai Smal 47-49

Type:                     Residential
Year:                      2009
Location:              Willemstad, Curacao

Status:                  Built

Extroverted terraces in an introverted mass of history. Four terraces are wrappedaround the edge to create four open dwellings. The top and bottom have become social spaces, allowing the terraces to become extroverted residences that let the sensation of living near the sea come into the house. Pietermaai 47 is a representation of Curacao’s contemporary way of life, flexible open/closed apartments that stay connected to the street as a legacy of its history.


Type:                 Offices Year:                  2017 Location:           Willemstad, Curacao Status:                Built The building is a connection between two periods. Two existing houses from the oil-industry growth in the island are connected with a bridge that represents the current culture of Curacao, an island in evolution. An open office that demonstrates nowadays business trends.

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C3 – Opening Day

C3 – Opening Day

C3 Building doors were opened to celebrate the beginning of a journey at their new location in Emmastad. We are grateful to be part of the growing experience of the company. C3 was a challenging experience for us, in our commitment with contemporary architecture, we believe new business strategies should be reflected on buildings designs. The result is a new approach towards creation of contemporary […]

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X International Architecture Festival (IAC)

X International Architecture Festival (IAC)

We were participants of Iberoamérica Arquitectura y Ciudad a space to share, discuss and promote contemporary architecture.

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Knowledge Over Lunch

Knowledge Over Lunch

We were invited by the CoWorld – Co Working Community Curacao, to the Knowledge Over Lunch Space at the Triangle. We shared our experience working on Pietermaai Smal Projects, and how that area it’s an example of how contemporary architecture can be more than just buildings, but a dream come true.

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Brakeput Abao Residence
Type:                     Residential
Year:                      2015
Location:              Brakkeput Abao, Curacao
Status:                  Built
A window to the water edge. Located on the shores of Spanish Water. This is an introverted house that allows having a direct connection with the lagoon in each of its spaces, giving it the opportunity to mix interior and exterior areas.